Mei Tai Wan Unisex Hairdressing and Beauty Salon(Tyrwhitt Road) (Singapore)

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    Address: 21 Tyrwhitt Road Foochow Building #01-00
    DBA in local language: 美台湾
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    About Me:
    This Hairdressing and Beauty Salon is located in Tyrwhitt Road, it look a little small outside, but it is really very clean and comfortable inside, you can enjoy the service include: Hair Cut, Hair Grooming, Hair Rebonding, Hair Colouring, Beauty Services (Foochow Building) and also you can enjoy the special massage service ar here. The technicians in this shop also have their different style. the technicians introduction as following:<br /> Xiao Man - SYT - very sweet looking<br /> Michelle - Nice features but a bit plump<br /> Joscyln - Look like a Hongkong Star, My friend managed to date her out for dinner.....Talk like a friend....
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