Park View Health Centre (Singapore)

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    Address: 11 Cavenagh Road Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre #B1-01
    Open Hours: 10:00AM - 12:00AM
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
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    As a massage parlor in the Holiday Inn Hotel Park View, Park View Health Centre possesses a wonderful inner environment and elegant decorations. The prices of services in the Park View Health Centre are affordable. Techinicans are skillful and provide tailored treatments according to clients' requirements. 
    Holiday-Inn. Orchard City Centre. Hotel and Massage update

    I am staying at the Singapore Holiday-Inn, Orchard City Centre, formerly Holiday Inn Parkview, it is located just off Orchard Road on 11 Cavenagh Road, across the Orchard and Cuppage Plaza.

    Since I read the forum, I knew about the massage place in the hotel. If you are not staying at the hotel, and come in from the street, just go through the lobby and take any of the 4 hotel elevators to the Basement (B-1) level and just past the elevators are 2 white wooden doors, with a sign to the right: "Park View Health Center". The reception desk lady asks to put down your name in a registration book (you can make up any name, there is a column for passport, which I ignored). She then asked how long your massage will be, and quotes you as other fellow board members also mentioned: $66 Sing dollars. I paid for the 1 hour and was led to room 14, on the way she asked me where I was staying, I told her in the building, she replied, we also can send girls up to your room. After I sat on the small massage room table / bed, I thought about my much more comfortable King size bed upstairs. The lady. Kimmie. That came in to give me the massage, was fairly old. Hard to guess her age without insulting her, but she was up there in age, and fairly skinny, I like them with more meat on their bones. She told me it was Sing $ 105 for the massage in my hotel room and $66 for the massage here. I decided to stay, but didn't like the old stale smell of cigarettes in the room. I guess the Non-smoking sign didn't mean much to many clients.

    I took a shower. Alone. As directed by her, she covered me with two towels and started the massage. She is Chinese and has been working in that place for many years. She asked if this was my first time in Singapore, I told her no, I have been to the Milan and Monte Carlo before, when it still was open. (Which was not true, I just read about them in the forum) 

    Her massage was good. Right amount of pressure, not too light and not too hard, with good use of her under arms and elbows. We talked about her different customers, some Japanese and other Asians, but not many Americans or Europeans.

    When she finished the massage, which included a good face / head massage, I already had turned over, she climbed on top of me and asked if I wanted some extras. I asked what she had in mind and what she could offer, she told me $80 for BJ and her taking her clothes off, or $100 for FS. I countered, all I wanted was a hand-job for $50, she quickly said ok, got the bottle of oil out and gave me a decent HJ.

    After I took another quick shower and got dressed, she told me during the day there are many younger girls available, most of them Chinese and pretty. Nothing against her, she was friendly and did a god job with the massage, especially the face / head part, but if you are looking for a stunning young girl, she wasn't the one.

    The massage place opens from 10:00 am until 11:30pm, but you have to arrive at 10:30pm for the last massage, since it takes an hour.

    Overall it was ok, but will try other places next. Just giving this report for people either staying or considering staying at the Holiday Inn, Orchard City Centre.

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