Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage (Singapore)

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    Website: http://www.sabaaisabaai.com/index.php
    Phone: +65 6536 3306/9337 3715
    Address: 49A Boat Quay, Singapore 49838
    Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 23:00
    Massage Service: Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Thai Massage, Others
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage is a traditional Thai massage parlor which provides foot, neck and shoulders massage, traditional thai massage and aroma thai massage, etc. Conveniently located in Raffles Place, Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage is a very popular and luxury massage place. Traditional Thai massage has many benefits. The massage will open up your chakras, allowing you to have a more peaceful mind as well as benefiting your health. All staffs of Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage are professional and qualified.
    I went to Sabaai Sabaai was about a month ago and they recently completed their renovation last month. While I was taking off my shoes before entering the rooms, they actually gave me a foot bath. A free foot bath was only available if you made an appointment. I did not really enjoy the massage this time round as the masseur seems to be uncertain which part to really apply pressure on. But as an overall, it is still a good experience and I will definitely be willing to revisit Sabaai Sabaai again.
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